New Year's Resolution rev


I will view my child with love, understanding, and calm.

I will treasure each smile, each giggle, every moment of kindness.

I will hold onto his innocence and celebrate the beauty within him.

I will help him grow and learn—gently, creatively, perpetually.

I will help him better understand himself more fully—his brain and his heart.

I will feed his senses and help his neural networks make new connections.

I will give him space to be okay, to find himself.

I will hug him tightly, he will know the reassurance of my hand on his shoulder.

I will not intimidate, if I need to shout I will do it where he cannot hear my pain, fear, or confusion.

I will see the whole person, beyond the behaviours and defensiveness.

I will remember the joy of first holding him and I will look at him with love.

I will soothe his anxiety with my certainty.

I will know how much I matter to him, we matter, our love matters.

I will help him find his voice.

I will help others understand that his disability does not define him.

I will hold his hand, forever, and I will be there to catch his tears.

I will not give up.

I will look after myself so I can meet his needs.

I will build up others around us, not tear them down in my frustration.

I will understand that every family member has their own journey to walk.

I will find the fun.

I will play. I will blow bubbles and splash in mud puddles.

I will look every day to make sure those lovely eyes sparkle.

I will welcome each new day, each new moment.

I will not hold a grudge against him or against fate.

I will know his words don’t always come from his heart.  I will brush them off and refuse to let them create division between us.

No matter how bad the meltdown, I will be there when it passes, to reassure and to move forward.

I will grow too.

I will be patient.

He will teach me, and I will listen.

I will treasure the sweet moments and new beginnings.

I welcome this new year.


Note: This post has been updated on 2 January 2019. NOFAS-UK created some affirmations graphics based on this post. They can be shared from Facebook here. A brief slideshow video of some of these graphics is available here.