I try to protect my brother and guide him safely through life, but sadly someti

by FASD_BigBro

Hi, I’m the older brother. I decided to start posting things today because I feel like today is a good example of a day to talk about. So today me and my younger brother were playing with our Mum in her bedroom, filming music videos and dancing to music and such, and we were having great fun. However, during the course of this he was consuming quite a lot of sugar, which didn’t help out at all in the end, and after all the fun was done we went down stairs to watch TV. And my brother was getting a bit excitable, so I was trying to help him calm down, but that seemed to only worsen the effect. He ended up cascading into a Sensory Overload, and at that point I tried to exclude myself from the flying objects and noise as much as possible.

So what should you take away from this quick post that I have just written? I feel that the sibling of the one affected by FASD, is affected the most in the family aside from the family member or sibling suffering from the condition. I feel this way because as a brother I try to protect my brother and guide him safely through life, but sadly sometimes I’ve acted a little too late and the fun we were having a minute ago crashes and burns into screaming and flying objects. It is never fun when it happens but when it does I just try to manage during an overload. And despite all the trouble that can happen and all the negative emotions I feel towards my brother in the heat of the moment, he is still my brother, and I still love him.