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Our Son


Our son has always gravitated toward videos. He absorbs them intently, it has been clear from early on that he was having a different interaction with ‘screens’ than our older son. He has watched more washing machine instructional videos and marble run videos than we knew existed. He was a big fan of the Seven Super Girls YouTube channel and more recently Miranda Sings. He watches these videos over and over again. He has created hundreds of his own videos on our computers, some extremely silly and some not so silly. Watching these with different eyes, we figured out that he is teaching us once again how to teach him. We now believe he has been using videos and technology as his own ‘social stories’ – watching and memorising how people say things, analysing their expressions, critiquing his own. He begged us for ages to post his videos to YouTube, and over time his social media presence has changed and grown. For now, we are keeping his independent social media presence separate from this blog. But we are so very proud of all that he is accomplishing with his music.

In the mean time, here are a few older videos.

He loves swinging high and spinning fast.

He loves gymnastics.

7 thoughts on “Our Son

  1. Your son and my daughter would have a ball together. She is 14 w FAS and acts probably 5. The video and games are huge addiction for her. The ability to break things is remarkable as well. Not sure about boys and puberty and FAS but girls are a nightmare.


    1. Great to hear from you – there can be so much joy when we meet our kids where they are at, and let them play and be silly. It is really seems unfair that while their emotional ages can be half (or even more) of their chronological ages they are forced to deal with the confusions and pressures and hormones of puberty. I wouldn’t repeat that age if you paid me millions! My heart goes out to them. Wishing you well, and thanks for the comment.


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